FONDATION SAE-A is designated a non-religious, non-political, non-profit association created under current articles of association and related laws of Republic of Haiti.

Goal of the Fondation

The main goal of Fondation SAE-A is to ensure the access to quality education of the people in the area/zone of Caracol and department of Northern zone/area, in the view of making autonomous citizens capable of earning their living. The association also has other purposes such as

  • To support/assist, manage and/or operate projects in the area of education
  • To establish and manage one or plural/more schools
  • To promote and facilitate the access to the best quality education in the whole area/region.
  • To support/assist, manage and/or operate projects to improve education levels in Northern area of Haiti
  • To promote the training in the area of education
  • To kick off the social projects in the view of prosperity of the society (such) as :
  • - Fostering the advance of the education in general and literacy in particular
    - Bringing cooperation between/at institutions working to improve the health of the poor
  • To conceive and promote the projects of community development and of health
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